A rave review for Cutting Teeth in the L Magazine

“Sharing the realism of an Anne Tyler novel, Cutting Teeth showcases the dark sides of people living in a bubble of compliance—if you add black skinny jeans and homemade hummus….Fierro’s characters are intensely real, thoroughly developed. They come to life on the page. Her writing is not only smart—it’s also sexy, and magnetic. Whether it’s “Measles in Park Slope” or “Mumps in Midwood,” Cutting Teeth offers a colorful timestamp of urban concerns. It’s about what we give up to build a family and how much we hold back. It exposes the vulnerability we risk in having children. Not all the insights are kind, but that’s what makes it believable.”
– Sabra Embury 


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The NY Post picks Cutting Teeth for the “29 Best Books of Summer” list

NY Post’s 29 Best Books of Summer includes Cutting Teeth!

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Cutting Teeth in VANITY FAIR’s Hot Type

Cutting Teeth in Vanity Fair’s HOT TYPE! 

Elissa Schappell recommends Cutting Teeth in her Vanity Fair Hot Type column:
“Julia Fierro takes a playful bit out of parenting.”


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Cutting Teeth is BUSTLE’s May Editor’s Pick

“The honesty within the pages creeps up on the reader and takes hold of the experience. Like a good voyeur, you just won’t want to let go.”

Thank you, Bustle, for making Cutting Teeth your May Editor’s Pick!

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Cutting Teeth launch party packs BookCourt

I love ALL these people.

I love ALL these people.








Thank you to everyone who made the May 13th Cutting Teeth launch party Bookcourt so incredible, so perfect.

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Cutting Teeth on the Star Tribune’s “Summer Books” list

Meganne Fabrega includes Cutting Teeth for her “Summer Reads” list in the Star Tribune.

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Hell Is Other Parents: Cutting Teeth reviewed on the Barnes & Noble book blog

“With the confidence of a more established writer, Fierro dips in and out of her characters’ points of view, revealing, even sometimes reveling in, the lusts, frustrations, and fears squirming beneath their piously progressive exteriors. Parenthood, Fierro posits, is the real crucible. Can you become a Mommy without losing your individuality? Can you raise a child and still retain your relationships with your partner, with yourself, with the world?

For these parents, the verdict is mixed at best. As hard as they try to civilize their children according to the cozy, organic, no-time-outs, breast-is-best dictates of contemporary upper-middle-class life, they fail to live up to their own standards. It is not as easy as adults make it sound, after all, to share or be gentle. Even when pushed to the limit—by a son who slips out of bed to escape to the woods, or a daughter who has the makings of a tyrant, commanding her spellbound compatriots to collect sea creatures for her and then smash them to bits on the rocks—the parents rally. To their credit, even if sometimes with the assistance of pharmaceuticals, drugs, and alcohol, they double down. They keep trying.”
– review by Esther Bloom


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Cutting Teeth on SALON’s “Memorial Day” Reading List

Thank you to Michele Filgate for including Cutting Teeth on Salon‘s Memorial Day reading list.

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Cutting Teeth #1 on BookCourt’s bestseller list!

Thanks to all who came to the May 13th launch and made this possible. 
All copies are 30% this week at BookCourt


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Julia Featured on Andrew Sullivan’s THE DISH

A collection of interviews and an excerpt from Cutting Teeth featured on Andrew Sullivan’s THE DISH.

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