The Gypsy Moth Summer in Poets & Writers “Page One”: Where New & Noteworthy Books Begin.

Thank you Poets & Writers for publishing the entire prologue, or you can listen to me read it aloud, and, oh how I love reading that opening…

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The Chicago Tribune says “The Gypsy Moth Summer” echoes ‘The Great Gatsby'”

“There are deliberate echoes of “The Great Gatsby” throughout Julia Fierro’s second novel, “The Gypsy Moth Summer.” In its landscape — an islet off the Long Island coast. In its exploration of wealth and greed, grandeur and envy. In its mansion-sized backdrops, its layered abuses and its meditative, soulful opening lines… Fierro is a writer capable of glorious sentences. She recalls with fastidious care the songs and lip gloss and fashions of the early 1990s, has an ear for weather and landscape, and moves her story briskly through its many cohering parts.”

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The Gypsy Moth Summer gets a second printing!

After a busy three weeks since publication (15 events in 8 states), some exciting news!
I am so grateful to every one of you–readers, booksellers, reviewers, interviewers, book bloggers, series organizers, fellow authors and friends–who made this possible.

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A rave review in The Globe and Mail

“The (gypsy moth) infestation is the perfect backdrop for a story that is complex, relevant and a delight to read. Racism, classism, bigotry, abortion, domestic abuse, business ethics (or lack thereof), terminal illness, marital strife – it might sound like too much but it turns out to be just enough and this novel ultimately becomes one about the power those we love and trust have to destroy us, slowly at first and then in unstoppable waves (like a biblical plague) but also the restorative, strengthening power of love meant to last. The world is full of both kinds and, Fierro’s writing suggests, you’ll never quite know until you’re in the thick of it which kind of love you’ve got. But don’t stop loving, even with the threats. There’s beauty in everything.” READ MORE.

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A starred review from Booklist for The Gypsy Moth Summer

“[Fierro] succeeds in creating a suspenseful, richly symbolic drama and coming-of-age story. Poignant, raw, and, at times, brutally honest about the poison concealed behind the charming facade of a quaint community, this is an intense and meaningful read.”
– Booklist, May 2017

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A rave review from Publishers Weekly for The Gypsy Moth Summer

“Riveting…a powerful story showcasing a dizzying spectrum of relationships from the deeply destructive to the supportive and loving.”
– Publishers Weekly

Full review here.

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Advance praise from bestselling novelist Jodi Picoult…

“The Gypsy Moth Summer plunges the reader into a hazy, hot daydream of hidden truth, scandal, and racial prejudice. With bold strokes, Julia Fierro creates a vivid world where privilege and class are merely a veneer to distract from the cracks beneath the surface.”
Jodi Picoult, NYT bestselling author of Small Great Things and Leaving Time

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The New Yorker calls Cutting Teeth “a comically energetic debut.”

A wonderful review for Cutting Teeth in The New Yorker:

Cutting Teethby Julia Fierro (St. Martin’s). Five pairs of variously overmedicated and undersatisfied Brooklyn parents head to a Long Island beach house for Labor Day weekend with their cranky, drooling, pampered progeny. What could possibly go wrong? In this comically energetic début novel, Fierro, a mother of two who runs a writing workshop in Brooklyn, examines how easily privilege, neurosis, and love freighted with overwhelming fear of failure can turn even the sanest women into “sancti-mommies.” As her characters struggle to tame their toddlers without becoming fractious children themselves, Fierro reminds us how complicated the task of rearing human beings is, even in the most liberal of enclaves.


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Cutting Teeth is’s Book of the Week

CUTTING TEETH is’s Book of the Week and receives a wonderful review!

“As the weekend progresses, the things kept hidden at home—illicit flirtations, parental frustrations and fizzling marriages—come to the surface in explosive ways. Even if you aren’t a parent, Fierro’s look at the inner workings of her characters’ minds makes this an emotional and compelling story. Her characters struggle with more than just their ADD-addled children; they confront relatable complexities of life—class and status differences, mental disorders, adult friendship and stale romance. At times heart-wrenching and, at others, hilarious, Fierro produces a true-to-life narrative more addictive than these fictional parents’ worst vices. Indulge.”  – Abbe Wright

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The BOSTON GLOBE calls Cutting Teeth “a fresh perspective on the journey of parenting that is at once modern and timeless.”

A wonderful review of Cutting Teeth in The Boston Globe.

“Cutting Teeth sings with beautiful sentences, masterfully crafted scenes, and a deeply imagined inner life for each of her characters…There are no easy solutions or formulas for happiness here, just the reality that the care and feeding and great responsibility of raising a human being is complicated, love-struck, deeply sad, and also capable of providing emotional rewards that no other experience can.” – Emily Rapp


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